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A million of thanks to all of you who willing to drop in to my new website. With this new website appearance, I am now officially not using my blogspot ( and my photopages ( anymore. Thank you for your help, support, criticism and whatever comes from you to help me expand my carrier. Despite of the thousands of obstacle I go through in my journey, I manage to become who I am right now. To serve and fulfill what you need is always be my first priority. To my entire customer or my future customer, if you like my service I really appreciate your call at azmieibra photography tel: - 012 5717091 / 019 5050987 / Thanks & best regards.

My New Born.

Tanggal 24hb Nov 2009, pukul 0856 hrs, baby lelaki baru aku lahir ke dunia ini. Alhamdulillah wife dan baby aku sihat walafiat.

azmieibra photography


ஃப்ரீலன்கெ / வெட்டின்க் ப்ஹொடொக்ரப்ஹெர்

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One Response to “My New Born.”

  1. zubai says:

    tahniah bang… pasni kalau dtg jb, bertambah sorang lagi askar…

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